The Good Jobs ( posts jobs, RFPs, fellowships and consulting opportunities from the development sector which includes NGOs, CSR, UN organisations, for-profit and non-profit development organisations, trusts, charities, societies, foundations, funding agencies, consulting firms, central and state governments, development banks, educational institutes and others.

For posting a job, the employer needs to provide the job description (JD) and the organisation logo, if any, through email. This must include an email address or a link to receive the job applications/CVs.

Also, for RFP/consulting opportunities/fellowships/internships, please follow the same procedure.

E-mail to us:

Free posting:
The posting of jobs may get delayed.
Paid posting:
The posting of jobs is done on a priority and real-time basis.

The cost of posting a job/RFP is Rs 2000 (excluding tax) for up to 30 days.

Discount for posting jobs in bulk:

  • 10% discount for posting 3 jobs or more (up to 5 jobs) in a month
  • 20% discount for posting 6 jobs or more in a month
  • 30% discount for bulk job posting (at least 5 jobs or more) in a day
  • Cost of unlimited job posting for one year is Rs 30,000 (excluding tax)

Write to for clarification, if any.

The Good Jobs ( does not post jobs that seek money, bank details or any such sensitive information from jobseekers. Please write to us at immediately if someone asks for money or any sensitive information in the name of The Good Jobs which is nothing but mala fied intention of that person.