Sr. Manager, Knowledge and Impact – Data, Technology & Monitoring
Location: India

Position Summary 

Sr. Manager, Knowledge and Impact will lead the implementation of appropriate metrics to measure the impact and monitoring the progress of our on ground programmes. S/he will lead the Knowledge and Impact team with leveraging the power of data to push forth organizational and policy goals – ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of child protection data reports generated and presented to government officials, funders and other stakeholders. 

The Sr. Manager will work closely with the Head to operationalise and execute the log frameworks and the monitoring processes laid out to achieve the primary goals of the organisation. 

Key Responsibilities: 


  1. M&E and Database Management Systems (DMS) 

Manage M&E Data Management Systems – data collection, case management, MIS, data reporting and data visualization in collaboration with external agencies to ensure efficient and evidence-based implementation of the programs. 

Systemize M&E DMS & technology in programs by finding cost-efficient and adaptive solutions. 

Maintain the data and information on the M&E DMS platforms and provide ongoing systems support; tracking activity, tools and databases, and reports in collaboration with program team. 

Ensure accurate and timely input of project information in the computerized database system with the help of program data associates. 

Collect, maintain and manage the data related to projects/ programs and provide necessary updated information for analysis and reporting periodically. 

Devise and maintain a complete reporting system for generation of various reports from the M&E DMS. 

Maintain a strategic overview of the M&E DMS at Aangan and participate in meetings to strengthen data and management systems. Interconnecting and building interaction in the various DMS systems. 

Ensure high-quality, accessible data and information about the thematic programmes is available for internal and external audiences/stakeholders (including donors) 


Select, design and optimize approaches to manage knowledge and data at Aangan to support internal and external stakeholders in ascertaining impact. 

Design & implement adaptive M&E DMS for each program or project at Aangan, as necessary and feasible. 

Design & implement tech-based data collection tools, monitoring tools, knowledge management tools, reporting tools and real-time visualization tools. 


Ensure accurate and timely M&E data entry operations and that data are readily available as appropriate to the stakeholders and ensure that the data in the M&E System is accurate and regularly updated. 

Reporting data verification and timely entry of data into the M&E database management system 


Advise and support program teams to manage their internal M&E DMS. 

Provide technical assistance to the program and data teams to ensure participation in M&E processes and adequate flow of information and data. 

Conduct trainings and workshops for the program and data teams to maintain and operate the M&E DMS developed. 

Support the communication team in providing reliable data for Aangan’s organizational communication. 



Support the Head in designing M&E Frameworks – Theory of Change (ToC), Logical Framework Analysis (LFA), Result Chain, Results Framework, Outcome, Output, Monitoring Framework (OOMF) etc. 

Implementing M&E systems as per the developed M&E Frameworks to ensure quality of program implementation. 

Work with programmes at the inception phase to define M&E plans for each project, and targets, implement donors’ requirements, create long term plans, etc. 

Ensure effective use and implementation of M&E and evaluation processes and document gaps, challenges and design solutions arising at field level. 


(Aangan has a wide range of data collection tools including mobile data collection apps for capturing family and child vulnerability, institutions audit tools, etc and we are currently using baseline and end-line surveys, group discussions, one-on-one interviews, community participatory tools to evaluate impact) 

Develop program monitoring plan based on M&E frameworks developed. 

Develop & redesign monitoring tools and implement them to accurately capture data against the process and program evaluation indicators. 

Build capacity of the team on training, use and implementation of these processes by facilitating comprehensive workshops. 

Manage programmatic dashboard for monitoring indicators to facilitate real-time progress for the management and program teams 

Analysing the monitoring data to conduct process evaluation for the programs and suggesting key findings to make course-corrections in periodic reviews with the management and program team 

Developing reporting structures and mechanism for the monitoring indicators to report on the progress on periodic basis. 


Develop program evaluation plan based on M&E frameworks developed. 

Develop & redesign evaluation tools and implement them to accurately ascertain data for program evaluation indicators. 

Analysing the evaluation data (Baseline, Midline and Endline) to conduct program evaluation for the programs and suggesting key findings to make course-corrections in periodic reviews with the management and program team 

Developing coherence and interconnectedness between process and program evaluation indicators to build evidence and proof of concept for program (sector) models 

Onboarding, procuring, guiding and coordinating with the external agency to conduct third-party evaluation forAangan. 


Share learnings with the program team and the management in quarterly reports. 

Knowledge management of programmatic monitoring data andAangan’s historic data. 

Prepare programmatic baseline, midline, endline and impact reports on a yearly basis. 


Assist with building the capacity of the Knowledge and Impact team on M&E systems and processes to ensure effective delivery of work. 

Undertake regular field visits to provide support for proper application of M&E frameworks and tools. 

Coordinate with Sr. Managers using data to inform and affect programme and field action. Required Skills & Experience: 


Master’s University Degree preferably in social science, business administration, economics or related field.


At least 5 years of experience in the design and implementation of M&E/DMS systems in development projects implemented by national/international NGOs/UN bodies/Government;

Experience in designing tools and strategies for data collection, analysis and production of reports; 

Proven ICT skills, especially in the development of DMS software using database software and technology 

Expertise in analysing data using statistical software – SPSS, STATA etc. 

Proficient in using advances Microsoft Office tools 

Strong training & facilitation skills. 

Experienced in managing a team 


Detail-oriented, tenacious and systematic 

Ability to creatively solve challenging problems in the application of research and evaluation methods. 

Self-starter who will thrive in a fast-paced environment by taking ownership and initiative 

Enjoys working under pressure: flexible, highly organized and able to prioritize work to meet deadlines 

Effective and clear written and oral communication 

Open to learning and using new products 

Willing to travel when required 

Fluency in both English and Hindi is essential 

Application Instructions

Please send in your CV and Cover letter to (Head of Knowledge and Impact) and