Specialist, Content Development: Foundational Literacy
Madhi Foundation
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Job Description:

Your team (Content Development and Capacity Building) 

The Content Development and Capacity Building team consists of practitioners from teaching, teacher training, content and curriculum development backgrounds. The CD & CB team is in charge of ensuring that all curricular and capacity building materials that Madhi develops and collaborates on, align with our key pillars – Accessibility, Contextualisation, Inclusivity and Learning Outcome-focused. This team also owns the academic and training inputs across all programs and hence delivers high quality error free content and training customised to individual project needs. 

About the role: 

The Specialist, Content Development (Foundational Literacy) will co-create learning content and instructional design processes across all of Madhi’s projects. This involves co-developing guidelines for all foundational literacy content, including but not limited to worksheets, lesson plans, instructional videos and assessments. These curricular materials for grades 1 to 3 for Foundational English Literacy will be benchmarked globally and customised to the local user. 

The challenges you will help solve in this role 

  • The Content Development and Capacity Building team at Madhi largely comes from teaching backgrounds with exposure to modern and progressive education systems. As a Specialist, you will support with channelling this modern knowledge into the curricular materials for under-resourced schools. 
  • As part of our projects, Madhi often collaborates with other organisations and institutions, including government systems to co-develop curricular materials. As a Specialist, your work will involve steering conversations and navigating emerging priorities to ensure that the final curricular and content decisions are grounded in research or based on established best-practices. 

The Job Description 

Below is an indicative set of responsibilities you will be required to lead as part of your role. This is a hybrid role involved in one of the two core areas – content development and capacity building. We believe that a job description is best created collaboratively where the individual joining the team and the senior leadership team together define the role in greater detail so it reflects your aspirations and ambitions as much as it does the organisation’s needs. A detailed description will be jointly created once the selection process has been completed and you have accepted our offer of employment. 

In this role, some of your responsibilities will include 

  • Co-designing the overall curriculum development and capacity-building strategies and driving effective implementation of the same. 
  • Co-creating curricular frameworks and guidelines for learning content and capacity building which will anchor the processes adopted. 
  • Creating curricular materials, primarily paper-based and digital content for children and teachers of grades 1 – 3, that align with the finalised literacy frameworks and guidelines. 
  • Creating capacity-building materials to develop and evaluate the knowledge, skills and mindsets of key stakeholders crucial to project implementation, and facilitating training spaces as per the needs of the project/organisation. 
  • Ensuring all curricular and capacity-building materials meet national and international quality standards through periodic reviews and propose improvements informed by research. 
  • Supporting Associates and Senior Associates sharpen their technical skills through structured feedback mechanisms and ongoing professional development. 

You will thrive in this role if you: 

  • Have a keen interest in pedagogy and strive to research extensively. 
  • Have a penchant for learning and can break down complex processes for stakeholders to consume easily. 
  • Have impeccable planning and task tracking skills. 
  • Possess a growth mindset and are comfortable seeking solutions for problems that you may not immediately have an understanding of. 

Prerequisites include: 

  • An undergraduate degree in Education. 
  • Teaching experience in low-income schools for at least two years. 
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience in teaching, learning content development and teacher training with a minimum of 1 year in a managerial position. 
  • Experience of having directly managed a team of at least 2 entry-level team members 
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and all Google Suite applications 

This role will report to: Senior Manager, Curriculum Design and Learning 

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

Please note: You will be expected to bring your own laptop with updated software (MS Office 2016) Remuneration: Rs 6,00,000 – 10,00,000 Lakhs p.a 

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