Senior Project Assistant
Location: Nanpara, Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh

Job Description

Senior Project Assistant
Base Location: Nanpara, Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh
Frequent Travel Required in Field Locations
Reporting Line: Business Development Manager
Earliest Start Date: 1 October 2022 

About Oorja 

Oorja ( is an award-winning social enterprise based in New Delhi. We are on a  mission to empower 10 million farmers globally by 2030 with the agricultural solutions they need to sustainably increase their income and quality of life.  

Oorja is a Farming-as-a-Service company working at the intersection of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Our focus is on powering beneficial appliances that help users to generate stable incomes, create jobs, and mitigate carbon emissions. Despite urgent need, around 90% of marginal farmers cannot afford to invest in solar technology for their farms. Oorja wants to close this gap. We finance decentralised solar energy systems for community use. Oorja sells irrigation, milling and cooling as affordable services on a pay-per-use basis to smallholder farmers, without any upfront cost to them.  We operate in rural areas of northern India where farmers are currently reliant on polluting and expensive diesel motors for their energy needs.  

Our core strengths are our inclusive, farmer-centric business model and a diverse and driven team with  shared passion for sustainable development. Some of our funders and partners in this mission are:

Role Background 

As a Senior Project Assistant, you will be travelling among Oorja’s prospective and existing rural sites and interacting with farmers on a daily basis. You will dedicate most of your time to expanding existing services, such as conducting surveys for site selection and impact assessment, developing and leading marketing campaigns, and mobilizing customers. You will also work on generating data, insights, leads and reports for business development and launch of new products and services. You should own a  motorcycle or scooty and have a valid driver’s license. This is a 100% field role and candidates with a rural sales or agricultural background originating from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar will have an advantage. You will be joining a dynamic and international team working together to make a difference to farmers’ income and well-being. 

Key Duties 

  • Identify and select new villages, sites and partners for new solar projects 
  • Design and conduct surveys for data collection among rural and peri-urban consumers 
  • Organise farmer focus groups and mobilise them to sign up for Oorja’s services 
  • Liaise with and conduct due diligence on ground partners (FPOs, FPCs, NGOs) 
  • Prepare and distribute marketing materials 
  • Collect and digitise data, prepare reports and case studies for management 
  • Assist with new product/service launch 

Roles and Responsibilities 

The Senior Project Assistant’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Identify promising sites for new projects and provision of agri-energy services including “Oonnati” irrigation, “Oojjwal” milling and “Oonnayan” cold storage services 
  • Identify, screen and conduct due diligence on new partner organisations (FPOs, FPCs, NGOs, etc.)  having a membership base of smallholder farmers 
  • Represent the company at current and future project sites; actively mobilise new customers to  sign up for Oorja services; conduct door-to-door campaigns and organise focus group meetings to  inform customers of service benefits and convince them to use Oorja’s services 
  • Design, prepare, distribute and display promotional and marketing materials (flyers, brochures,  explainer videos, standees, banners, etc.); propose ideas for marketing campaigns 
  • Site selection surveys: conduct focus group and individual demand assessment surveys with  farmers using standardised questionnaires; enter data on a digital platform (KoboToolbox) using a  smartphone or tablet 
  • Form groups of interested farmers; mobilise potential customers to deposit membership fees 
  • Design and conduct surveys (structured questionnaires) to collect data on demand, willingness and ability to pay among rural/peri-urban consumers for new products and services related to agriculture, e-commerce, clean energy, etc. 
  • Digitise, analyse, clean data in Excel; prepare charts and graphs 
  • Prepare reports and presentations: document market and customer insights, write reports and  presentations to assist with development and launch of new products and services; share and  present them to management
  • Impact surveys: collect baseline and periodic impact data using standardised surveys; prepare  case studies for impact measurement and reporting 
  • Participate actively in daily and weekly team meetings 
  • Provide the management with insights regarding customers, challenges faced during operations  and opportunities to improve business development 
  • Support with any other operational tasks as required by supervisor 

Qualifications & Skills 

  • At least 2 years’ relevant field experience working with customers in rural locations 
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant area 
  • Ability to work in an outdoor environment 
  • Proven sales and mobilisation skills 
  • Savvy with computers, smartphones and/or tablets; knowledge of MS Office 
  • Comfortable using Excel for data entry, analysis, cleaning and preparing graphs/charts 
  • Fluency in Hindi or other local language is a must; good written and spoken knowledge of English  (required) 
  • Clear communication and presentation skills 
  • Ability to deliver and achieve targets under pressure and tight deadlines 
  • Self-motivated, confident character with the ability to interact with sensitivity and respect with  people from various backgrounds 
  • Valid driver’s license and willingness to travel regularly to remote field locations 
  • Passion for rural development and working with farming communities. 


  • Initial 3-month probation/training period. Thereafter, this will be a full-time permanent position. 
  • You will be initially stationed at Nanpara, Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh. However, you may be assigned, after advance notice, to a new location in northern or eastern India where Oorja conducts its work or may initiate new work. 

What We Offer 

  • A highly enthusiastic, self-driven international team 
  • A melting pot of diverse talents – development professionals, researchers, engineers, farmers,  scientists and community mobilisers 
  • Competitive remuneration package 
  • Interesting field of work where you will build your understanding of solar technology and the  development sector 
  • Close mentorship for career development 
  • A flat and open work culture and friendly work environment 
  • Experience and responsibility at an award-winning company in the renewable energy and agritech industries, among of the fastest growing segments of the global economy 
  • The chance to make a difference and to help improve people’s life. 

How to Apply 

If this opportunity appeals to you, please send your application by filling the online application form here –

Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination Statement 

Oorja Development Solutions India Private Limited is an equal opportunity employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit,  hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to religion, race, caste, gender, place of birth, sexual orientation, marital status or disability status. Oorja endeavours to provide a safe, diverse and comfortable workplace. Oorja will not adversely discriminate, and prohibits other adverse discrimination at the workplace, against any person on its premises, whether that person is in its employment or otherwise. If you can contribute to our organisation, you are welcome, regardless of your roots, religion, age or gender.