Senior Manager, Teacher Training Program
3.2.1 Education Foundation
Location: Hyderabad

Job Description:

Position-related Quick Information 

Position: Senior Manager, Teacher Training Program 

Location: 1 opening in Hyderabad 

Flexible work system: 2-3 days on-field in-city travel, remaining days & off-field time is work from home with flexible hours, 5 days workweek 

Joining: ASAP 

Compensation: ₹ 75,000/- to ₹ 85,000/- per month based on skill set & experience, plus travel and communication reimbursements 

3.2.1 Education Foundation ( 

3.2.1 Education Foundation aims to ensure that every child from underserved communities can read with understanding & solve basic Maths problems. We support & empower all the key stakeholders in a child’s life – teachers, school leaders & parents – towards this pressing national mission of improving Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) learning outcomes. We have been delivering an unparalleled impact on student learning & have impacted lakhs of students & thousands of teachers across hundreds of schools through our various initiatives since our inception in 2012. 

Our current program, PARaM, is an in-classroom, teacher-led program focused on achieving FLN skills for students of grades 1 to 5. PARaM stands on the four pillars of Prepare, Assess, Remediate and Motivate – to deliver student learning outcomes. We: 

  • Prepare teachers to be experts in teaching language & Maths. 
  • Continuously assess students’ and teachers’ performance to chart the best learning path for both. 
  • Provide customised support to teachers to remediate learning gaps in students based on learning data from students and feedback from teachers. 
  • Motivate teachers and students by celebrating both efforts made and goals met. We also help show impact to the community. 

With PARaM, 3.2.1 is at a pivotal stage of its growth with a mission to improve FLN skills for over half a million Indian children in Grades 1 to 5 by 2025 & set them on a path to economic advancement. 

Position Summary 

The Senior Manager, Teacher Training Program will be instrumental in the success of PARaM as they will directly work with stakeholders to empower them to improve student learning outcomes. They will work towards creating a collaborative network between thousands of teachers, school leaders, and parents and, through them, impact thousands of students. 

Areas of Responsibility 

  • Lead and manage program PARaM for teachers, school leaders, and parents including coaching, data-driven analytics and synchronous online and in-person capacity-building sessions for large groups. 
  • Ensure that student learning outcomes and teacher development goals are met
  • Collaborate with teachers and school leaders to understand their needs and problems, thereby providing inputs for improving our current approaches to increase student learning outcomes in schools across India eventually. 
  • Actively contribute to the program development by understanding and mastering the required knowledge for early grade literacy and numeracy, reviewing/creating content/sessions, conducting pilots, analyzing data trends and providing feedback, having tested the content on the ground. 
  • After stabilizing with the above responsibilities for a few months, support a team of Managers through ongoing professional development, personalized coaching conversations and other systems. 

Who are we looking for 

An ideal candidate will: 

  • Have at least 4 years of continued experience working with teachers (training teachers, coaching teachers, being a supervisor to a group of teachers, etc.) on general pedagogy or FLN. 
  • Have at least 3 years of experience managing teams
  • Be a strong manager who can get quality work done with high engagement from team members. 
  • Be a strong coach who can give effective and efficient feedback
  • Have deep content knowledge about pedagogy or FLN or both
  • Be passionate about student impact and deeply connected to the idea of empowering educators to achieve it
  • Be energized by building relationships with the ability to understand the needs of teachers, school leaders and parents. 
  • Be a very engaging online & in-person facilitator and an empathetic online & in-person coach with a good understanding of the core elements of excellent teaching, such as pedagogy, motivation, analyzing & leveraging data and adapting to the user. 
  • Have verbal & written fluency in the state language (Telugu) (preferred). 
  • Be a problem-solver who can leverage research, expert opinions & 3.2.1’s learnings, collaborate, manage uncertainty and adapt to changes while still performing at high levels of excellence
  • Be well-organized, detail-oriented and resourceful

What’s in it for you 

  • Closely work with and empower teachers, school leaders, parents and the most influential stakeholders in the education sector nationwide to have a high impact on student learning outcomes ultimately. 
  • Be a part of a team to develop and deliver of one-of-a-kind Teacher Professional Development program focussed on solving the FLN crisis in the country. 
  • Participate in, learn about & drive the organization’s journey to a nationwide scale-up
  • Stellar team: Be part of & learn from a diverse, high-calibre & high-performing collaborative team. 
  • Experience thoughtful, productive & joyful work systems, including flexibility with work from home, work timings & 5-day workweek. Learn from & contribute to the organization’s distinctive culture & exemplary work environment
  • Growth path options: Grow in your role in multiple ways by: 

Managing a higher number of schools or 

Specializing in managing specific kinds of schools or 

Growing towards a people management path managing people across several geographies or 

Exploring other roles in 3.2.1’s program team. 

Application process 

  • Interested applicants should share their resumes and the following two tasks’ responses via Whatsapp on this number: +91 97693 82022 with the heading “For Senior Manager, Teacher Training Program (WhatsApp messaging only, calls will not get answered). 

Task 1: Video Response Question

Record a video of yourself conducting a session (standing) based on the session plan below (maximum video duration: 5 mins). 

You can record the video, upload it on Google Photos, Google Drive or other cloud services and then share the video link on WhatsApp (make the link viewable by anyone with the link). 

Task 2

Here’s all the work you have to get done this week: Share your breakdown of all this work into projects and your day-wise plan for this week. 

Please share the link to your plan and ensure the access is available to us (make it viewable by anyone with the link). 

  • We will process all applications after 30th October, so kindly expect responses from us post that date. 
  • If cleared, you will need to attend 2-3 video interviews (30 to 60 mins each) & provide two references before the final selection.