Senior Field Facilitator
Location: Mumbai

Leher is a child rights organization, whose vision is for caring families, alert communities and responsive governments to come together for the rights and protection of all children. Leher’s thrust is on child protection prevention at the primary level- communities, government, for all children.

Leher is part of a Collective of organizations working in Maharashtra for a period of three years strengthening prevention, and community-based supports and care options for children. We will be setting up pilot demonstration sites of community led child protection with child protection committees and children’s groups in 2 districts, as well as collaborating with Childline in 5 districts.

We are looking for a Senior facilitator to join our team, based in Mumbai. Interested candidates do send in your resume with a cover letter to

The job profile as under:

  1. Manage and mentor the 2 district pilot field teams working on community led child protection in Mumbai and Nandurbar.
    • Attend team meetings – bi-weekly basis for Mumbai, quarterly basis for Nandurbar
    • Organise and co-facilitate requisite training sessions for field teams, on programmatic, operational and child safeguarding aspects
    • Field visits on quarterly basis to Nandurbar, and monthly basis to Mumbai for pilot review, and capacity building of team members
    • Guide coordinators of the 2 districts on interventions on a routine basis
  2. Participate in routine online review discussions with Childline district teams
  3. Liaison with the district administration for the following:
    • Requisite permissions to conduct activities
    • Ensure that insights from the pilot program are included in DCPC, and other district level platforms for discussion of children’s issues.
    • Share reports with district administration
    • Interactions with district level stakeholders/child protection mechanisms such as CWC, DCPU, CHILDLINE etc. to build collaboration, understanding and towards optimised bottom upwards interaction between CPCs, children, and families.
  4. Liaison with state government stakeholders
    • Coordination and participation in meetings with state government stakeholders [department of women and child welfare, SCPS, SCPCR, Commissionerate, CHILDLINE etc]
    • Work in coordination and collaboration with the child protection expert on matters that relate to the 2 district pilots and state government liaison.
    • Prepare letters, briefs, notes, for all interactions with the state government functionaries
  5. Special interventions
    • Undertake coordination with various stakeholders required for the governance mapping initiative, as well for the child care interventions in the community for Mumbai district pilot
      i. Provide insights and participate in design of both the above-mentioned interventions
    • Coordination with teams for workshops and trainings
  6. Documentation and reporting
    • Input and review monthly pilot MIS information.
    • Assist and input and train field teams on implementation of the mobile app for tracking progress of field work of CPCs.
    • Narrative reports, case stories, analytical reports
  7. Planning Review and evaluation
    • Coordinate and anchor all field pilot planning and reviews as per schedule and prepare reports of the same.
    • Participate in all project/organization reviews as per schedule
    • Coordinate activities, organize, provide information, reports, and insights for all/any project evaluations in the field.

A suitable fit for this role would include a person

  1. With above 5 years of work experience
  2. A Master’s Degree in Social Work
  3. Commitment interest in child rights and child protection work
  4. Passionate about participatory processes and building local leadership
  5. Willingness to travel between the 2 pilot districts and to undertake routine field visits
  6. Willingness to work from home on days that do not require field visits
  7. Commitment and interest to work on the pilot project for 3 years
  8. Demonstrated training, capacity building, dialogue facilitation skills
  9. Demonstrated Research and writing skills
  10. Fluency in Marathi and English
  11. Mumbai based position

Email to apply: