Program Manager (General Operations)
Tweet Foundation
Location – Delhi/Mumbai (Will be decided in coordination with the candidate)

About TWEET Foundation 

Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) aka Tweet Foundation is a community-based organization in India based out of New Delhi and Mumbai was established by seven trans activists in 2015 to serve the young trans movement, especially the transmen community that faces extreme gender-based violence and has been highly invisibilized. TWEET is a completely trans-led organization and as a pioneer in India, represents an equal partnership among transmen & transwomen. The organization came into existence to support work specifically on issues that had not been addressed in other larger HIV or advocacy programs in the past in India. Resources for young trans people have been scarce and the real issues of the community from a social, psychological, and economical standpoint have remained unaddressed. Tweet works to provide critical support to young transmasculine and transfeminine persons such as crisis support, short shelter stay, health and legal resources, and connecting with skill-building and inclusive employment opportunities. On the other hand, Tweet works closely with the stakeholders for mainstreaming advocacy. Tweet works with the government to bring in policy-level changes and works with civil societies and corporates to build strategic partnerships to support the trans movement and trans welfare. Tweet Foundation is a registered society under Mumbai Charity Commissioner (registered in May 2017). 

Our mission is to build an empowered, self-sufficient, and vibrant Trans movement in India by wholly caring for the welfare of transgender people; their education, medical treatment, legal standing, and culture and social wellbeing. 

Overview of the Role and Requirements : 

The Program Manager is responsible for effectively coordinating all the activities/events and various programs for the transgender community. They will be accountable for community engagement, stakeholder engagement, and coordination with the board members. The role requires the person to do the following tasks : 

Plan: Prepare a strategic and action plan for activities with community members as well as external stakeholders. 

Implement: Manage activities and programs end to end, and ensure the smooth running of new and existing programs ensuring coordination with various third parties and board members. 

Documentation: Should be able to document all the required data and reports, pre and post the activities including financial reporting. 

Relationship management: Manage relationships with various stakeholders like health care experts, doctors, legal experts, and corporates and conduct advocacy sessions

Counseling and Support: Should be able to maintain positive relationships with trans community members to have a strong network with communities, forming linkages to provide the best possible support and guidance to community members. 

Work timings – 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. Weekly off days would depend on the events schedule. Requirements: The above position is only for trans* identified persons. The ideal program manager is someone with 

  • Passion to work for trans* empowerment 
  • Excellent communication and writing skills (Written English compulsory) 
  • Ability to connect with community members, inspire and motivate them 
  • Excellent management and organizational skills 
  • Professional attitude and ability to work with teams. 
  • Knowledge of basic computer skills – emails, excel, word, etc. 

Educational Requirement – 12th Pass. Any Graduation would be preferred. 

Location – Delhi/Mumbai (Will be decided in coordination with the candidate) 

Salary will be as per the experience and skills of the candidate 

Please send your CVs to along with a 300 word note on ‘why you fit the job’ 

Be a part of growing organisation and a vibrant trans empowerment movement. Work directly with board members with years of experience in non-profit and corporate sector.