Program Lead
MANTRA Social Services
Location: Patna, Bihar

About Mantra 

MANTRA Social Services – Bangalore is a social enterprise registered under Section 25 of Companies Act. Founded by a team of committed and passionate individuals and growing in strength, We believe in the need for an association of like-minded people and organizations to inspire action and sustain change efforts. At the core of all our projects is the belief in, and efforts towards systemic education transformation. 


Through STRIDE (Systemic Transformation for Resilience, Innovation, and Developing Education Ecosystem), we enable the education ecosystem to lead and manage improvement towards the delivery of quality education. Through the multi-stakeholder State Development Program, we intend to bring coherence to state-wide activities aimed at re-defining and improving the quality of outcomes expected across the schools. 

Position Summary 

As a Program Lead, you will be responsible for driving the mission of enabling the education ecosystem to lead continuous and sustainable improvements by providing support to a designated group of educational government functionaries. 

The Program Lead will also be actively engaged in designing and innovating programs along with the government. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  1. Leading and co-creating the journey of education change through programs with the government. 
  2. Research and develop tools to identify needs of the education system 
  3. Develop a strategic plan aligned to the scope and focus of the projects. 
  4. Review existing structures and processes, and work with concerned officials to implement improvement projects
  5. Assess and analyse existing government projects and devise plans to strengthen them. You would improve the learning cycles for every official by improving the feedback mechanism from the ground 
  6. Build strategic partnerships consisting of various organizations and stakeholders, including NGOs, Knowledge partners, Design Consultants, Govt. Agencies etc. and create a partner engagement framework to coordinate and monitor the efficacy 
  7. Establish effective Monitoring and Evaluation processes 


  1. Minimum 5 years of work experience, however, candidates with strong experience in the education sector will be considered. 
  2. Awareness of the state-level initiatives towards education transformation in different parts of India is preferable. 
  3. Experience in classroom teaching, delivering educational programs and activities OR experience working on projects with school stakeholders from underserved urban/rural localities. 
  4. Strong interest in empowering a school through – School Leadership, Teaching & Learning, Community Engagement. 
  5. Knowledge of Hindi (Read and Write) is preferred 

Location: Patna, Bihar 


Remuneration upto ₹ 8,00,000 per annum.Negotiable with candidate’s experience and competency levels. 

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