Program Associate (Rehnuma School Principal Incubator Program)
Barefoot Edu Foundation
Location: Mumbai

Position: Program Associate (Rehnuma School Principal Incubator Program) 

Location: Mumbai 

Joining: June 2022 

About the organisation 

Barefoot Edu Foundation is a grassroots organisation committed to transforming free and affordable schools into stimulating learning environments, contextualised for under-resourced communities. The aim is to create such a school system where children are equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills, platforms and environment to help them make the most of their education. 

Our Philosophy 

We have often been asked why we chose the name Barefoot Edu. It’s exactly what it sounds like, the sensation of kicking off your shoes and feeling free, being more aware and exploring details of the Earth. It embodies our approach to education, which allows children to be unconventional and unrestricted in their quest for knowledge while focusing on details along the way. 

Position Summary 

Rehnuma is an incubator for school principals in India that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to function as entrepreneurs, capable of leading their schools as exceptional organisations. Rehnuma is a rigorous support program for progressive school principals of low-fee community schools which cater to under-resourced children. We think of school principals as entrepreneurs who manage complex organisations(schools). The program associate will work closely with them to provide expert level support to a designated group of principals and develop activities that will help them: 

  1. build their capacity as school managers and entrepreneurs 
  2. create and implement grassroots solutions that lead to school improvement. 

They serve as mentors and guides to a group of 8 School principals, and along with expert coaches, will help them drive excellence in the school and a deep sense of clarity and conviction in the long-term movement. Focus shall be on building the Leadership abilities of school principals so that they are able to drive change in their classrooms, school, and community. 

Program Associates support these school principals through training, facilitating spaces for collaboration, regular school visit, classroom observation,continuous feedback, and need based mentoring. This includes Monitoring and Evaluation and being involved in the continuous real-time design and evolution of the program. As the first point‐of‐contact between schools and the organization, they are also responsible for cultivating a strong and productive ecosystem in the city and a positive team culture across their team and the larger city cohort. 

You would be assisting with managing the program with the Program Lead and will be managed and coached by our Program Lead. 

Key Responsibilities 

Program Management 

  • To oversee planning and facilitation of workshops and webinars for the program and ensure it is done in a timely and relevant manner. 
  • To observe and conduct coach calls, note down feedback, and conduct training around effective instruction. 
  • To model effective sessions and instructional strategies. 
  • To work with school principals and their team to design effective and structured project plans. 
  • Regular school visits and support to the incubatees. 
  • Document program achievements, learnings, and relevant processes inhabiting the mindset of scale. 
  • To ensure high-quality training for school principals throughout the year that is both skills- and need-based, utilizing a variety of methods. 
  • Actively participate and lead training sessions. 
  • Research, design, and execute any program related project individually or as a group. 
  • To continuously identify and develop potential initiatives in the program.

Building Capacity and Program Culture 

  • To provide a positive environment in which school principals are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process. 
  • To establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with the team. 
  • To develop and maintain a comfortable and orderly atmosphere that promotes learning and encourage questions and problem solving. 
  • To help school principals to clearly articulate high expectations for their projects. 
  • Ensure high quality, demand driven training to incubatees throughout the year with focus on leadership and practically implementable classroom solutions. This includes but is not limited to individual observations, debriefs, co-observations, external school visits, group debriefs, training sessions at conferences, co-planning, leadership conversations,co-community visits and debriefs. 
  • Create a positive motivating environment in which incubatees are encouraged to take self-initiated actions and share learnings with peers. 
  • To continuously empower and invest school principals in their own self-development, Barefoot Edu Foundation’s culture, building a collaborative and supportive network.


  • Track the personal and professional growth of incubatees and the associated schools.
  • Collect and analyse data through needs assessments and periodic assessment.
  • To ensure documentation and collection of effective plans/ other resources from school principals.

School Relationships and recruitment 

  • Build and leverage key relationships with high-level stakeholders, school, networks and other organisations, to meet recruitment and partnerships targets year on year.
  • Persuade school leader (school principals) to apply to the program and recruit a cohort of incubatees.
  • Create and maintain relationships with incubatees that transcend the direct program.


  • Minimum 1 year work experience in education sector mandatory.
  • Languages: Hindi, English, (Marathi not mandatory but preferred)
  • Experience in teaching/capacity building/community mobilisation
  • Good at public speaking.
  • Ability to build and foster relationships.

Desired Qualities 

  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Thrives in an entrepreneurial environment. 
  • Enjoys conversation, energetic and enthusiastic, have an affinity to motivate people. 
  • Self-driven and ability to work independently and in teams. 
  • Demonstrate willingness to learn. 

Core Values 

Trustworthy: Trust is a non-negotiable. 

Commitment: To words, actions and people. 

Common ground: Clashes in opinion occur in implementation and any form of fundamentalism bring work to a standstill. You will have to find common ground to get the job done. 

Openness: The situations on ground will challenge your core values multiple times and mould you as person. Any change, mistake or obstacle, no matter the magnitude, can be overcome or circumvented through open conversation. You have our unconditional support. 


Remuneration will be competitive with development sector pay scales and will depend upon the candidate’s experience levels. (INR 28,000-35,000 per month).

Steps To Apply 

Please email your resume and cover letter to the email ids:,, &