Policy Analyst-Renewable Energy Siting (RES)
Nature Conservancy India Solutions Private Limited
Location: Delhi
Apply by: 17/08/2022


POSITION TITLE: Policy Analyst – Renewable Energy Siting
STATUS: Full time


This is an exciting time at The Nature Conservancy (TNC) as we are shifting our strategy for greater impact in the world, seeking to address some of the most complex challenges facing people and nature — issues such as climate change, conserving lands, waters, and oceans at an unprecedented scale, providing food and water sustainably and helping make cities more resilient and sustainable.

Our Mission

TNC’s mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Rather than viewing development – including economic growth – and conservation as contradictory goals, TNC works to demonstrate how nature has value for people and development and how nature can provide enormous economic benefit. TNC envisions a future where people and nature can flourish together.

Our Vision

A world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfil our needs and enrich our lives.

The Conservancy Team

We achieve this through the dedicated efforts of our 3,800 diverse staff, including more than 600 scientists, all of whom support conservation in 76 countries and all 50 United States. We are striving to develop a workforce as diverse as the places where we work, and we have a deep commitment to diversity.

Organizational History

TNC is the largest conservation organisation in the world, working in all 50 states in the United States and more than 76 countries. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia on October 22, 1951. TNC is science-based and in every place, we work, we partner with governments, businesses, and local communities. TNC is advancing its mission by protecting and restoring rivers, landscapes and oceans for people and their development at an unprecedented scale; it is transforming the way humanity uses the Earth’s natural resources to sustain ourselves.

About the Employer Organization

Nature Conservancy India Solutions Private Limited (NCIS) is a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013, having it registered office in India in New Delhi. India. It is a wholly owned Indian subsidiary of The Nature Conservancy.  The company currently provides technical consultancy, monitoring & evaluation and other related services in the domain of conservation and environment to its various clients within and outside India. 


India has committed to achieving 50% cumulative electric power generation from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030 (by targeting to install 500 GW of renewable energy (RE)) and simultaneously creating an additional carbon sink of 2.5 – 3 billion tonnes of CO2 eq. However, achieving both these goals requires land, which is a limited resource in a country that supports 18% of the world’s population on just over 2% of the world’s land area. We are working with partners to enhance an online tool (SiteRight) that guides decision makers in siting renewable energy projects, by adding selection criteria on land use, land type, and suitability for ecological restoration, alongside existing economic and technological criteria. This will help decision makers identify land with relatively low ecological and social values that are suitable for setting up solar and wind plants, thereby avoiding impacts to sensitive natural lands as well as productive agriculture areas. We have done this effort in the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and in the processes of expanding it to additional states with high rates of solar and wind development.

To advance this work, we are seeking to hire a long-term Policy Analyst-Renewable Energy Siting (RES) who will be responsible for engaging with policymakers and stakeholders from government, private sector, and local communities to advance environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy transition at the pace and scale needed to mitigate climate change consistent with India’s climate commitment and TNC conservation goals. We are looking for a highly motivated professionals with a passion for promoting responsible energy transition, research aptitude, and excellent verbal and written skills. While the RES-Policy Analyst will report to the RED-Project Lead, they will also interact with colleagues working on renewable energy project in global TNC team and TNC-India. The position will be based in Delhi with significant travel to the different states across India. The current funding for this position is committed for an 18-month period with the option to renew based on additional funding secured.


The Policy Analyst-Renewable Energy Siting will work with members from across TNC, including TNC-India, as well as global TNC staff members and partner organizations to support the work on environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy siting in India. They will be responsible for the overall ownership and management of the research and policy-based interventions based on extensive policy, regulatory analyses, and stakeholder consultations to promote environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy siting, mainly focusing on utility scale solar and wind energy projects. The proposed work will be largely focused on understanding challenges and gaps in central and state energy, land use, environment, and biodiversity related policies and permitting processes to promote environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy siting. Identifying and advancing steps to develop policy framework to inform environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy siting (via stakeholder engagement, consultations and workshops, or other mechanism). The Policy Analyst-RES will also work closely with our outreach manager-RES, fund raising, Communications and other departments.

Responsibilities of this position also include working closely and collaboratively with renewable energy project partner organizations, relevant central Ministries and Departments, states, renewable energy businesses, independent power producers, financiers, local communities, and other important stakeholders to drive policy and decisions to promote renewable energy siting to low impact areas. Represent TNC’s effort to drive environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy siting in public fora, including the news media. This role will also be responsible for managing and supporting low impact renewable energy initiatives and driving policy decisions in coordination with our partner organization and TNC team (via conducting policy research, consultations, group discussions etc.). The position will be based in Delhi with significant travel to the different states across India. The current funding for the position is committed for an 18-month period with the option to renew based on additional funding secured.


  • Build relationships, do active policy outreach, and engage with state and central level policy and decision makers to drive policy and decisions to promote renewable energy siting to low impact areas.

  • Engage in high-priority central and state policy efforts (legislative and administrative) related to energy, land use, biodiversity, and environment critical to advancing environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy development.

  • Engage in multi-stakeholder efforts to develop and advocate for the adoption of renewable energy siting criteria that avoid, minimize, and mitigate environmental and social impacts.

  • Manage ongoing relationships and engagements with partners to achieve project deliverables.

  • In coordination with Project lead and Renewable Energy Siting-Outreach Manager, identify entry points for mainstreaming policy decisions that support driving utility scale solar and wind projects to low impact areas.

  • Gather inputs from key policy and decision makers to develop a policy framework that support environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy development.

  • Oversee policy research to understand challenges and gaps to promote siting of utility scale solar and wind energy projects to low impact areas, including:

  • Define and implement a policy research work plan in discussion with project team members in TNC and partner organizations.

  • Assess existing and future renewable energy policy to advance India’s renewable energy, climate change, and biodiversity conservation goals.

  • Regularly share regional and national perspectives on legislation, development trends, new research, and policy implementation related to environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy development with the project team and others.

  • Research, write, and/or review reports, articles, factsheets, news releases, webpages, and other publications.

  • Manage ongoing relationships and engagements with partner organizations to achieve project deliverables.

  • Communicate policy research and related communications with TNC India Core Management Team, Philanthropy Team, and other team members as necessary.

  • Outline scope of future policy work/strategy to advance sustainable renewable energy work, including key partners, strategies, and gaps.

  • Engage in developing long-term policy research and related outreach strategy goals and deliverables in partnership with the broader TNC team, including supporting strategy and project development and implementations related to renewable energy siting.

  • Develop and implement a policy outreach plan, including:

  • Develop and implement a compressive policy outreach strategy, including identifying and prioritizing engagements with key policy and decision makers; convene a working group of key policy and decision makers to accomplish project deliverables.

  • Formulate a policy and set of recommendations to get SiteRight and/or its principles adopted among key end-users and implement the plan in coordination with project partner(s).

  • Represent TNC’s collaborative efforts related to sustainable renewable energy development both at the project-scale and in larger planning, policy, and regulatory processes (e.g., state energy regulatory agencies, relevant central Ministries and Departments, renewable energy businesses, independent power producers, financiers, local communities, and other important stakeholders) to further TNC organizational objectives.

  • Represent TNC’s environmentally and socially responsible renewable energy siting work in public meetings, collaboratives hearings, press events, conferences, coalitions, and in general communications with public officials, legislators, the media, donors, and the general public.

  • Additional deliverables may be assigned or adjusted based on the evolution of the program’s strategic conservation work.


  • Postgraduate in fields related to Natural resource management/Energy / Renewable Energy / Climate Science / Environmental Science/Social science/Environmental justice/public policy or related disciplines or 4 years of related experience or an equivalent combination
  • Experience manipulating, analyzing, and interpreting statistical or environmental data.

  • Experience designing and implementing socio-economic and policy research

  • Experience fundraising and/or writing grants and research proposals.

  • Experience participating in cross functional multi-disciplinary teams and communicating with a wide range of people.

  • Experience managing smaller projects including financial aspects and coordinating the work of peers and partners.

  • Record of peer reviewed publications in scientific journals.

  • Strong communication and presentation skills.

  • Personal interest in and commitment to promoting responsible energy transition and nature conservation

  • Sound understanding of the renewable energy sector in India and globally

  • Experience in leading and managing policy research and analysis, organizing workshops/stakeholder meetings, prepare background documents and work with communications specialists to prepare relevant materials for wider dissemination and outreach.


  • PhD in Natural resource management/Energy/Renewable Energy/Climate Science/Environmental Science/Social science/Environmental justice/public policy or related disciplines

  • Working knowledge of current government policies and governance structure on renewable energy development in India will be highly desirable

  • Familiarity with policy issues in managing energy at project, state and/or national levels

  • Experience and knowledge of working with energy regulators, financial institutions, and energy businesses

  • Familiarity with renewable energy regulatory and/or finance environments, as well key individuals working in this space, is a plus

  • Excellent team player with experience working in multi-disciplinary groups, using influence and interpersonal skills, listening, diplomacy and tact to build strong relationships with governments, corporations, partners, donors, volunteers, and all levels of staff

  • Creative problem-solving and troubleshooting skills with willingness to experiment and innovate new methods.

  • Strong research and data analysis skills, including ability to gather and synthesize information from multiple sources to produce high quality work products in a consistent, efficient, accurate, and timely manner

  • Experience working well under pressure and tight deadlines while balancing competing assignments

  • Strategic thinker with the ability to take high-level strategy and translate into relatable points and action steps.

  • Experience in taking ownership of a project or process and to use problem solving skills to resolve issues

  • Experience in independently initiating project and initiative ideas; managing projects and initiatives through to completion

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to form effective working relationships with diverse constituencies including central/state agencies; elected officials and their staff; TNC members and donors; private landowners; community leaders; religious, scientific, and academic communities; and /or the general public

  • Experience leading diverse stakeholders in collaborative activities, to anticipate policy issues impacting environment and socio-ecological security and make recommendations within TNC, other organizations, and coalitions.

  • Networking skills to engage with policy and decision makers in the renewable energy community, central and state agencies, industries, financial institutions, NGOs, and other organizations.

  • Outstanding written and oral communication, negotiating and organizational skills

  • Experience communicating complex processes and ideas effectively to a variety of audiences within and outside an organization

  • Familiarity with how siting decisions with respect to renewable energy projects are made at various governance levels in public and private organizations

  • Expert-level knowledge of national and regional social, political, and ecological landscapes

  • Facilitate and promote the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies into TNC work

  • Multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural experience appreciated.


Builds Relationships

Builds productive relationships by interacting with others in ways that enhance mutual trust and commitment.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Works collaboratively with stakeholders across levels, geographies, backgrounds, and cultures to improve decisions, strengthen commitment, and be more effective.

Communicates Authentically

Communicates proactively and in a timely manner to share information, persuade, and influence with the appropriate level of detail, tone, and opportunities for feedback.



Takes ownership to help develop others’ skills, behaviours, and mindsets to help them maximize their workplace contributions.

Leverages Difference

Demonstrates commitment to harnessing the power of differences strategically; consistently sees, learns from, and takes strategic action related to difference; and demonstrates the self-awareness and behaviours to work across differences of identity and power respectfully and effectively with all stakeholder. Actively seeks to build and retain a diverse workforce and fosters an equitable inclusive workplace by drawing upon diverse perspectives.



Thinks and acts from a broad perspective with a long-term view and an understanding of 1) the dynamic nature of large-scale challenges and 2) the need for integrating five key practices: skilfully engaging appropriate people; providing a clear process for change; taking a holistic view of situations; focusing on a small number of strategic actions, while learning from and adapting them over time; and being aware of how one’s own thinking or patterns of behaviour may be limiting change.

NCIS is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

Our commitment to diversity includes the recognition that our conservation mission is best advanced by the leadership and contributions of people of all genders with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. Recruiting and mentoring staff to create an inclusive organization that reflects our global character is a priority and we encourage applicants from all cultures, races, colours, religions, sexes, national or regional origins, ages, disability status, sexual orientations, gender identities, military or veteran status or other status protected by law.


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