Manager, Scavengers to Managers
Location: India
Apply by: 30/01/2023

Job Description:

Manager, Scavengers to Managers will lead projects and initiatives around waste management and livelihood. The position reports to the director. A team of senior assistant manager, assistant managers, field supervisors, and coordinators reports to this position.

Key responsibilities:
1. Manage all projects and initiatives in the realm of waste management and livelihoods.
2. Work closely with programme management unit to plan the projects.
3. Oversee the projects through execution, controlling, and closing phases.
4. Work closely with programme management unit to employ tools, templates, and processes across the project phases.
5. Monitor, trouble-shoot, and report projects’ progress.
6. Track and manage risks and issues.
7. Write donor or partner reports and plan and manage donor visits.
8. Write official letters and MOUs for partners such as urban local bodies and resident welfare associations.
9. Allocate tasks, supervise team and provide feedback for continuous development.
10. Review budgets and ensure that activities, hiring, and procurement are all done within their allocated budgets.
11. Maintain project documentation.

Skills required:
1. Strong communication skills – both written and verbal.
o  English (written and verbal)
o  Hindi (verbal)
2. Microsoft Excel
3. Microsoft PowerPoint
4. Structured thinking
5. Project planning
6. Budget management

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Apply by 30th January 2023
Due to a high volume of applications, we will only contact shortlisted candidates.