Design and Research Lead
MANTRA Social Services
Location: Patna, Bihar

About Mantra 

MANTRA Social Services – Bangalore is a social enterprise registered under Section 25 of Companies Act. Founded by a team of committed and passionate individuals and growing in strength, We believe in the need for an association of like-minded people and organizations to inspire action and sustain change efforts. At the core of all our projects is the belief in, and efforts towards systemic education transformation. 

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Through STRIDE (Systemic Transformation for Resilience, Innovation, and Developing Education Ecosystem), we enable the education ecosystem to lead and manage improvement towards the delivery of quality education. Through the multi-stakeholder State Development Program, we intend to bring coherence to state-wide activities aimed at re-defining and improving the quality of outcomes expected across the schools. 

Position Summary 

The Design and Research Lead role is aimed at understanding the grass-root challenges and designing the program. This role is most suited for those exploring opportunities in doing primary and/or secondary research and in leading the program design. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  1. Program Support 

Research and develop tools to identify needs of schools and teachers. 

Develop a strategic plan, for supporting the field team, aligned to the scope and focus of the projects and their current stage of intervention at different partner schools

Create learning environments and build capacity within the team through shared learning, unconditional support and strong self and peer accountability

Establish goals and systems to analyze progress at schools

Evaluate underlying causes for gaps in implementation, collaborate to respond effectively and contribute to customizing the program

Create case studies and position papers on the intervention.

  1. Organisational Engagement 

Participate in meetings, workshops or related forums/events that may contribute to development and growth of MANTRA

Identify and forge new external partnerships with organisations/people aimed at learning from existing resources. 

Education and Experience: 

A degree in education AND/OR experience teaching in low-income schools or government schools. 

Prior experience in leading design efforts for adult education in general and teacher development, in particular. 

Prior experience in doing primary or secondary research. 

Track record of independently leading a successful project or team delivering educational programs AND/OR working with schools/teachers will be an added advantage. 


Critical thinking and problem solving 

Ability to research 

Willingness to learn in the face of uncertainty and difficult situations 

Effective planning skills and time-task management 

Location: Patna, Bihar 

Compensation range: Commensurate with the individual’s experience and qualifications 

Time commitment: At least 2 years 

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