Consultant (Quality Improvement)
About Raj Kumari Foundation
Location: Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh
Apply by: 25/09/2022  

Job Description:

Raj Kumari Foundation (RKF), an ISO 9001:2015 certified non-profit organization, is  on a mission to contribute in the sustainable development of society by playing the role of catalyst in the process of generation and dissemination of knowledge; and providing specialized multidisciplinary program implementation and consulting services.
We provide multi-disciplinary advisory services to private, public and not-for-profit sector clients on key service areas to improve the efficacy, effectiveness and reach of socio-economic policies, programs and projects across India. Our prime objective is to partner with organisations and leaders to achieve sustainable, holistic and comprehensive growth of societies and economies, ultimately to help the poor and the needy across the country.
Ours is a group of adept, diligent and experienced people within the development sector, who are determined to challenge conventional wisdom to provide simplistic solutions and arguments to complex policy, programmatic and project-specific challenges. We have a team of the best of consultants, economists, ex-civil servants,  international associations, research organisations, managers, human resource experts, development experts and social scientists, who tend to follow a unique market-oriented business approach to find solutions to the most pressing global development challenges for our clients.

About HCL Foundation
HCL Foundation (HCLF) was established as the Corporate Social responsibility arm of HCL  Technologies in India. It is a value-driven, not-for-profit organization that thrives in contributing toward national and international development goals, impacting the lives of people and communities through long-term sustainable programs.
The Foundation aims to alleviate poverty and achieve inclusive growth and development through a lifecycle-based integrated community development approach, with thematic focus on Health, Education, Livelihoods & Skilling, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction &  Response. Child protective strategies, inclusion, and gender transformative approaches remain central in all initiatives of the HCL Foundation, thus ensuring comprehensive development.

About HCL Samuday
Established in 2015, HCL Samuday intends to develop a sustainable, scalable, and replicable model – a source code for economic and social development of rural areas in partnership with central and State Governments, local communities, NGOs, knowledge institutions and allied partners. We do this through optimal interventions across Health, Agriculture, Education,  Infrastructure, Livelihood, and WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene).
The program is designed to help the local people identify their problems, co-create solutions,  and then implement the same on their own with professional support from team Samuday,  thereby, lending the dimension of sustainability and ownership to the whole vision of development.

About the Project
Public health infrastructure is the underlying foundation that supports the planning, delivery,  and evaluation of public health services. A strong public health infrastructure provides the capacity to prepare for and respond to both acute (emergency) and chronic (ongoing) threats to health.
Quality of care in health services has been identified as one of the key elements on the path to Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and fundamental towards achieving the health-related goals and targets outlined under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the pathways to improve quality of care in any health system, is via the accreditation/certification route. The idea behind an accreditation/certification project is to evaluate a health care organization via self and external assessment, against predetermined optimal standards, to improve and set standards of care. Accreditation could perhaps  encourage health facilities, and provide guidance to health facilities to have systems in place which would ensure that such gaps in the delivery of care do not take place.
RKF is supporting HCL Samuday in the implementation of mother and child health interventions in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh.

▪ Provide technical assistance and capacity-building support for strengthening the public health facilities including CHC, PHC and SC.
▪ Support the implementation of Kayakalp, LaQshya, NQAS and NABH, Quality Assurance  Program at different levels of public health facilities.

▪ Must possess Masters on Public Health/Hospital Administration/Health Management.

▪ Must possess 2-3 years of experience in Public Health or Hospital Administration having training and experience of implementing the recognized quality system like Kayakalp,  LaQshya, NQAS and NABH.
▪ Prior experience of working in Uttar Pradesh is desirable.
Skills and Competencies
▪ Knowledge of Public Health Management and Hospital Administration
▪ Knowledge of recognized quality systems like Kayakalp, LaQshya, NQAS and NABH.

▪ Knowledge of English and Hindi, both oral and written
▪ Effective communication skills, with demonstrated ability to talk and listen to people and build rapport with them.
▪ Computer proficiency and familiarity with database management programmes and commonly used packages like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Location: Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Roles and Responsibilities:
▪ Support HCL Foundation and Hardoi District Administration in the implementation of  Kayakalp, LAQSHYA, NQAS and NABH Program at different levels of public health facilities.

▪ Liaison with District and Block Health Administration for Certification/Accreditation of  Public Health facilities and facilitate the assessment process.
▪ Assist, support and conduct assessment regarding Quality Assurance Programs including NQAS, LaQshya and scoring of Public health facilities.
▪ Grading of healthcare facilities on the basis of the score.
▪ Develop a plan for quality assurance at each level of health facilities in a phased manner.
▪ Providing support to the health facilities, in taking appropriate and time-bound actions to close the gaps, identified during the assessment.
▪ Facilitation of selection of facilities that may go for certification/Accreditation and supporting them in the process.
▪ Provide technical assistance in operationalization of Quality Assurance units at Health  Facilities.
▪ Providing necessary support to District and Block level Quality Assurance cell in the area of  Quality Assurance, Certification and Accreditation.
▪ Co-coordinating and promoting quality-related activities across the public health facilities supported by HCL Foundation.
▪ Ensure roll out of standard protocols for quality services at CHC, PHC and SC.
▪ Development and review of training modules and training resource material, for quality service delivery.
▪ Conducting capacity building of the staff on maternal and child health components .
▪ Conducting trainings and workshops on regular intervals, on Quality Assurance Programs like Kayakalp, LaQshya, NQAS and NABH.
▪ Provide assistance in the development of documents (like-wise SOPs, Manuals, instructions for the hospitals and infection control), modulating the existing system and suggesting changes to support accreditation/certification norms.
▪ Should be able to guide to HCL foundation and District Quality Assurance teams on updated evidence-based practices and latest initiatives.
▪ Regular monitoring through field visits and submit the visit reports with appropriate suggestions/actions for improvement.
▪ S/He should act as a resource person for quality assurance to provide guidance and support to facility staff, to further improve.
▪ To attend to any other duties/responsibilities assigned by the organization.
Salary: As per industry standards
Last Date to Apply: 25th September 2022Send your resume to with Consultant (Quality Improvement) in the subject line.