Communications Associate
Location: New Delhi

Job Description

Role Title  Communications Associate
Number of openings  Multiple Openings
Role Level  Fresher / 1-3 years of relevant prior full-time experience
Type  Full Time
Location  Based in New Delhi (Non-Negotiable). 

The role will entail significant Intra & interstate travel across India depending on programs.

Compensation  The final amount will be decided mutually during the recruitment process and as per experience

Desired Joining Date
ASAP; Serious candidates are encouraged to apply right away. 

Process to apply Please fill out the google form mentioned below 

About Labhya 

Labhya is an India-based nonprofit that enables children from vulnerable backgrounds with the necessary skills to cope with poverty & become effective learners through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Labhya is a globally recognised non-profit supported by organisations like Harvard University, Nudge, DRK Foundation, The Commonwealth, UNICEF, and UNDP among other organisations. 

Labhya is a dynamic and agile organisation that partners with Indian State Governments to co-create and ensure the implementation of SEL programs at scale. We are one of India’s fastest-growing nonprofits dedicated to co-create programs that will impact 30 Million vulnerable children by 2030. 

Currently, Labhya has partnered with the Governments of Delhi, Uttarakhand, Tripura to co-create and ensure the implementation of programs that impact 2.4 Million children across 22,000+ government schools in India daily. Our programs, namely the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ and ‘Anandam Pathyacharya’ are the world’s largest and India’s first at-scale well-being programs. 

We expect the following from you for this role: 

*All the below-mentioned tasks will be key to your role. The following requirements are not mentioned in order of priority. 

  1. Creating content and handling our social media platforms like – LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Email, Instagram & Facebook, etc. 
  2. Creating collateral for any kinds of presentations/ reports/ events/ other needs at Labhya – online and offline. Eg: funder requests, partner projects, etc 
  3. Creating periodic newsletters and sharing with all stakeholders involved 
  4. Documenting and creating impact stories, impact reports, or any kind of reports requested by donors/partners 
  5. Running theme-specific and project-specific paid and unpaid campaigns on Labhya’s social media platforms 
  6. Extending supporting in rebranding and building other organisational communication strategies 

Qualifications & Skills / Experience / Characteristics 

  1. Bachelor’s degree or 1-3 years+ of full-time professional experience in some communication-related field (prior nonprofit or startup experience is preferred) 
  2. Sense of ownership, entrepreneurial, resourceful, frugality, and sense of possibility 
  3. Decent sense and understanding of core principles of design (design, aesthetic, colour theory including but not limited to) 
  4. Proficiency in any/ few photo editing, video editing, and design software like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Corel Draw, etc 
  5. Proficiency in Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides & Mail Merge, etc
  6. Experience in developing visual and written content 
  7. Great communication and articulation skills in English and Hindi 
  8. Attention to detail and process orientation 
  9. Conscientiousness, discipline, rigour, and ability to take/give feedback 
  10. Is excellent at maintaining relationships and is very systematic about tracking progress 

Current Team 

Our team consists of professionals, educators, SEL experts, and entrepreneurs from prestigious institutions like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA, Azim Premji University, Delhi University, Ernst & Young and KPMG. 

At Labhya, we support and foster an environment where questions are always encouraged and collaboration is recognized. We are a home for you if you want to help build something that will enable millions of children to become lifelong learners through systems-level change. You’d also be able to develop your skills and profile by working with an accomplished leadership team and being a part of very rapid growth. 

Further, Labhya’s values are: 

  • An agile and supportive team that is driven by a problem-solving attitude 
  • Focusing on the well-being of children and trusting their potential 
  • Working processes that enable efficiency, constant growth and innovation
  • SEL Programs that are driven by proximity and expertise 
  • Creating systemic and sustainable change in public education systems through partnership 

Process to apply 

To apply, please fill this form. 

Please note, no application will be considered without the details requested in the above form.