Batch Coordinator – WBLP
Access Livelihoods
Location: Odisha (Loisingha Block, Bolangir)

Job Description:

Access Livelihoods  

Access Livelihoods was established in 2005 in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is a collective of social enterprises that, by choice, works with women and youth from marginalised communities to reimagine and transform their livelihoods. The group comprising six entities, extend comprehensive services to enable enterprise incubation and employment opportunities. As a group, we offer end-to-end support, including pre-incubation, incubation, and acceleration support programs. These professional services are delivered by a team of 80+ passionate individuals who have graduated from some of India’s best institutions and have consciously chosen the road less travelled. Presently AL Group is working with 65000 women producers across five states.  

Women Business Leaders Programme 

In a unique and first-of-its-kind attempt to empower and train semi-literate women to take up entrepreneurial ventures, Access Livelihoods launched the women business leaders programme, a mini MBA for rural women. 

We partnered with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)– IKEA – DISHA for delivering the pilot phase. In the programme’s pilot phase, 100 participants from 4 clusters, with about three farmer producer organisations, across Telangana and Maharashtra, were selected to be imparted managerial and leadership skills. We are about to scale up the program with 400 rural women in two states in the next two years. The program’s vision is to scale up to 10,000 rural women in 3 phases in the next five years. 

Women imparted with these entrepreneurial skills are expected to become role models at two levels – start-up enterprises helping their household income multiple times and taking up leadership responsibilities in Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs – FPOs’) in a cluster of villages. 

This programme is built on the experiential learning framework, with 75% of time spent on structured practicum exercises covering foundational managerial concepts and 25% of the time allocated for facilitated classroom learning to reinforce the theoretical frameworks related to the concepts. The curriculum was structured around four pillars–Self-Transformation, Enterprise Skills, Enterprise Mindsets  &Enterprise Excellence. 

For this initiative, we are looking for: 

JOB TITLE: Batch Coordinator – WBLP 

LOCATION: Odisha (Loisingha Block, Bolangir)


  • Non-hierarchical work environment 
  • A professional work environment and job satisfaction 
  • The joy of creating social impact 
  • The chance to work with and learn from highly experienced professionals 
  • A chance to truly experience and understand the real India 


  1. Lead the implementation of the Women Business Leaders Programme in the assigned block 2. Identify &onboardfacilitatorsand mentors from the local community 
  2. Buildaneffectivelocalecosystemtoenablethewomentoestablishtheirmicro-enterprises 
  3. Mentor & support women leadersin their entrepreneurial journey 
  4. Oversee daily centre operations and coordinates centre activities through 
  5. Mobilise and provide counselling to aspiring candidates  
  6. Oversee the administrative activities as well as logistic management of the training centre 8. Manage the smooth operation of the Training Centre 
  7. Evaluate centre activities for effectiveness to develop improved methods, devise evaluation  methodology and implement, analyse results  
  8. Organise and arrange entrepreneurship and employment support for the trainees with a  demonstrated understanding of employer/industry needs and expectations 
  9. Advise trainees and facilitate the development of their entrepreneurship skill set 


  1. Passion for social change and entrepreneurship 
  2. Graduate in Organizational Management/Behavior or any discipline with at least 2-3 years of experience in organisation management 
  3. Experience in working with skill development domain will be preferred 
  4. Ability to develop relationships and engage with multiple stakeholders, including Government 
  5. Documentation and report writing skills with good proficiency in using MS Office tools 
  6. Excellent communication skills – both written and verbal. Knowledge of Odia is essential 
  7. Ability to develop a local-level network of valuable resources to support project implementation 8. Ability to work across teams and supervisors 
  8. Willingness to relocate to Loisingha Block, Bolangir 


We would be delighted to hear from you. To apply, please send your resume and a brief note on your motivation for joining to Mr. Pratyush Nanda at